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The company Exagon Costruzioni e Servizi, develops projects in various fields of industrial engineering.
We are therefore engaged in the design, supply and installation of pipes, tanks, metal structures, piping supports, complete skid, ducts.
Exagon is able to offer a personalized service, taking care of the final design, construction, installation and maintenance of production facilities. We also carry out dismantling, production transfers, revamping, demolition of plants and production systems.
In order to offer a bespoke service, thus not neglecting any detail, Exagon makes available to its customers, through its service called BRAF® (supply of skilled personnel for domestic and foreign shipyards) highly qualified technicians in the chemical, food, petrochemical, water treatment, paper and steel for maintenance and construction of plants, worldwide. We have figures ranging from the construction manager, site manager, supervisor, up to operating as welders, fitters mechanical / electrical, pipe fitters etc.
The Exagon staff is called to attend courses regularly for the perfect application of the law in terms of health and safety, with the continuous updating and staff training on safety.
For prompt response we point to recent activity and important involvement of Exagon Engineering operating.
We performed on behalf of a European customer the complete assembly of a plant for the production of paints, completely AISI304L in Mexico and shortly leave for the United Arab Emirates.
We also have partnerships in South America and more specifically in Peru where there for 3 year a sales office.
Over the years 2012/2013/2014 we executed dismantling and revamping nr. 2 installations for the production of hydrogen for leading of Italian gas producers.
In 2015, we have participated in the dismantling of a plant for the production of maleic anhydride with Iran decommissioned destination.
In 2016 we carried out: Extraordinary maintenance facility foundry – Asti, machine installations Maintenance continuous mill c / o Kimberly Clark – Romagnano Sesia.
Welding pipes for air-conditioning system c / o Colplast – Caldonazzo
Welding and assembly of piping thermal plant c / o Bayernland – Verona
Construction of a new plant to recover condensates c / o Kimberly Clark – Romagnano Sesia
Technical assistance activities on mechanical equipment c / o Paints & Coatings – Phoenix USA
Supply degreasing tanks coils in AISI304L c / o Hunter -USA
Supply complete and installation of flue gas ducts in AISI304L c / o Alupress – Bressanone
Design, supply and installation of support structure and piping connecting sludge treatment c / o Saci – Verona
Maintenance of foundry plant – Asti, disassembly, packaging and complete plant storage production paints – Australia,
Routine maintenance of installations c / o Kimberly Clark – Romagnano Sesia.
The last works carried out in the current year were: Supply and installation of suction piping and installation facility air handling Genano c / o Ansaldo – Genova, Design, supply and installation c / canopy treatment plant sludge protection or Saci – Verona
Finally, underlining our full readiness to personally investigate the arguments relating to the powers and productions of Exagon and count the Vs. company among ns. clients, you’ll want to devote some attention to this, and trusting in the opportunity to able to serve, I welcome this opportunity to extend my most cordial greetings.
Quality and safety
The Exagon staff is regularly taught courses to ensure the perfect application of the law in terms of health and safety, with the continuous updating and training of personnel to ensure safety.
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
Company profile
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International construction services Braf®
Exagon provides our Customers with highly qualified technicians in food,chemicals, petrochemical, water treatment, paper and steel industries for construction and maintenance in facilities around the world.
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